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I Am Not A Gift:
By choosing to adopt me, I expect to become part of your family forever. I will be your lifelong companion, and will give my unconditional love until my very last breath.

I have feelings and basic needs: I require a safe (warm / cool / dry) shelter, food, love, playtime, patience, and medical checkups; the same as you. I am yours for the choosing, but please love me because I will only love you unconditionally until my very last breath. ~ Thomas Kingsley

Dashing Dog Rescue Doggie Adoption

Adoption Application Tips

  1. We strongly suggest that you complete and submit your adoption application as soon as possible to Dashing Dog Rescue because we fulfill adoption applications in date and time of completion order.
  2. The adoption application is in Adobe Acrobat format. Save the adoption application to your desktop, and then open. Doing this will allow you to type your information into the form fields. Once complete, print the form and sign it, and then submit to Dashing Dog Rescue.

Adoption Application

Any individual(s) interested in adopting a Dashing Dog Rescue must complete an adoption application.

Dashing Dog Rescue Adoption Application
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